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[ profile] just_a_monkey, [ profile] enigma_o and I went to Disneyland Paris last weekend (well, from Thursday evening). Friday was the first day of their Christmas season, and when I went into town yesterday everything was decorated for Christmas too, so I'm already feeling very festive even though it's only November 18. We even put up our tree already :D

I don't really like rollercoasters, but I do like Disney. Even while just hanging out waiting for the others to ride Space Mountain, it's pretty fun just to be in the parks. But it was super cold.

We managed to coincidentally finish riding stuff just in time to see every parade, too. Duffy was even in one of the parades (I was excited). Also, they have machines on the roofs of Main Street spitting out soap flakes to make it look like it's snowing... it was actually pretty convincing until you saw it land in someone's hair and turn into bubbles! And it was my first time seeing them project animations onto the castle, which was really cool, especially in combination with the fireworks and fountains.

I also bought a lot of unnecessary junk (tsumtsums, Lego, grey tops with pictures of Mickey on them).

Thanks for cheering me up, Disney! Peace on Earth etc., it's a small world after all. :) 

ETA: I just realised my lj profile still says I'm a student! Hilarious.
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As predicted in my last post, I have now been on holiday to Spain and also moved house! \o/

Spain )

new house )

Things are good. And tomorrow I have nothing to do except Japanese homework and catching up on Arashi videos from while I was away. (And maybe unpacking. Maybe.)
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I feel very productive today... even though I am just sitting on the sofa listening to a podcast right now. But I already went to the supermarket, took three bags of books to the charity shop and helped the meter reader guy find the meters for this building. Go me!

We finally managed to exchange contracts for our house purchase, so I'm trying to get rid of some stuff before the move. Actually, the moving part is going to happen while I'm on holiday, so I have only packed my to-read pile (with doujinshi strategically hidden inside) because I don't want to mix up read and unread books. But yeah! Soon we will live in our own house! I won't have to share a building with people who steal my bins and wake me up with loud music! No landlord will come over and tell me to clean the hobs! Amazing.

This morning at 8 am the upstairs neighbours listened to Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Girl from Ipanema at an unreasonable volume >:( Not that I dislike those songs, but why is it so loud :(

And yeah! Holiday. I'm going to Barcelona with my mum, which should be fun. I don't really have any plans about what to see or do other than vaguely "look at all the Gaudi stuff", which is pretty much what I did in 2008 anyway. Mum has never been there and also that was a long time ago, so I am definitely ready to look at the same Gaudi stuff again, but we're there for a while so I guess we will need to do some other things to, haha.

I've never been on holiday with just my mum before, I don't think? So that might be weird. I'm running away for three days in the middle to go to a conference, too, so it's a bit of an odd trip. But I'm looking forward to it :)

I only hope no amazing Arashi news breaks while I'm away! I'm already going to miss babanuki and this and probably lots of other things too... oh well. I still can't decide whether to bring my laptop with me. I don't want to carry it but I don't want to not have my laptop for almost two weeks! My life is so hard.
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Hello world. How are things?

I am now in revision mode for the JLPT N2 exam this December (although my revision plan includes not revising while I'm on holiday in Spain, of course) and I definitely have to thank Arashi for teaching me many N2 grammar points (~に決まっている springs to mind) and for improving my listening comprehension skills a whole lot. Fansubbing... so educational. Maybe my ability to understand Japanese fish puns will not be useful in the exam, though.

It's my first time taking the exam in Cardiff instead of London, and they asked me to email them two identical photos of myself for ID. What? Why? Can't you just use the same file twice? I don't understand.

This weekend was a good one. On Friday evening I went with Adam and Shaney to see Star Trek: First Contact at the planetarium, followed by a recording of the Cosmic Shed podcast. Both parts were good! I hadn't seen that film before, either. I'm trying to watch all the Star Trek in order still, so after we booked tickets for this we ended up having to average one episode of Voyager per day to finish season 2 in time.

I'm quite enjoying Voyager, I guess? It seems to be unpopular, and there have been some bad episodes (mainly episodes with the plot "Neelix is a possessive creep" or "Chakotay does some fake Native American-style nonsense"), but no more so than the early seasons of TNG, I don't think. Next we are back to watching some DS9, though.

Also this weekend... we got our mortgage paperwork at last, Katy came over and we watched more Papadol and I made her watch the "Jun hates coriander" thing, and on Sunday I translated a whole episode of Shiyagare. Productive! At least by some measures. Well, also I did some work and some JLPT revision, so no problem.

After the exam I'm supposed to ("supposed to" according to my own brain) study human biology for a while for work reasons, but I really want to learn Romanian right now instead. I don't know why I keep procrastinating studying with other studying? Could I not do some procrastination that does not use my brain, such as playing video games or cleaning my house?
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Hidden to protect you from spoilers! )

Disc 2! )

In conclusion, it was super cute and I definitely need to rewatch it asap. But also I want to rewatch Digitalian! 
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Here is a list of all the puns/wordplay I spotted in the 2010.10.14 episode of VS Arashi, some of which were more translatable* than others. They are mostly Sanma's fault, although Kosugi is not blameless either. (Dear [ profile] ihsarafes, sorry for the many emails I sent you whining about this.)

Most of them are about how Kosugi is losing his hair or how Sanma's teeth stick out.

Read more... )

This episode is great and Sanma is actually very funny, but he's not very friendly to translators, so next time I go to Japan I will track him down and fight him.

* If you need to know how to find the subbed episode, message me/send me an email.
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I must admit, most of the blame for my lack of lj posts this year goes to tumblr. If you like pictures of stupid nonsense, Japanese boybands, jellyfish and other such stuff, then... my tumblr is available! (Same username.) Although it's not so good for talking about things that actually happen in my life.

But I also have these two: Let's eat all of our dinner! which is just a translation of Gal Sone's blog, and iyakuhon'yaku, which I just made yesterday to make myself keep studying medical and scientific Japanese vocabulary.

So that's where I am, I guess. My lj activity is mainly confined to my Arashi fansubbing so... if you care about that you probably already know where it is?
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I visited my parents this long weekend, "coincidentally" at the same time as the local beer/cider festival (elderflower cider >>> blackberry cider > beetroot cider), and saw my brother and sister too. Matt seems in a lot better mood than he has been for a long time, apparently due to the sudden appearance of a work ethic? Anyway, it was nice to hang out with the whole family (+ Adam + Lisa's boyfriend). I guess my Dad thought so too, because he spent the whole time talking about his desire for grandchildren and then, after I'd got back to Bristol, sent a mass email about all his feelings on seeing his bbs getting along so well... adorable.

It is a hundred years since I posted my book list here, so:

#11: EarthBound by Kenn Baumann
A review/reminiscence about a video game that I have not actually played but am aware of. It was mildly interesting but went off on too many tangents for my taste.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
Reread. I had mostly forgotten the plot, so it was nice to go back to this one.

#13: The Analects of Confucius (audiobook from Librivox)
I didn't get a lot out of this one.

Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco
Reread. Conspiracies! I guess past me liked reading lists more than current me does, though.

A Mosque Among the Stars, ed. Ahmed A. Khan
Short story anthology. Disappointingly boring.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin Louis de Bernières
Nicely written, but the ending was a bit too neat, perhaps. I was distracted by my own ignorance of Greece and WW2.

#17: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami
surprisingly straightforward plot for a murakami! but I still got to enjoy the strange mixture of relaxation and utter confusion that his books always give me. (as I have probably said before, his sex scenes are the weirdest)

Lucky Wander Boy by D.B. Weiss
Ugh. An interesting idea, but the ending was unsatisfying and the main character too much of a jerk for me to find the "unreliable narrator" thing enjoyable.

In other news, same old same old. Work is going well, I go running when I feel like it, I go to Portuguese lessons, I force Shaney and Mickey and Adam and other Katy to watch jdramas with me. Lovefilm continues to not send me any more Star Trek even though it's the only high priority item on my rental list. That's about it?
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I have returned from my holiday! And I still don't have to do any work until Monday, yay.

I finished a whole book: #10: Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl.
High school drama, kind of? It was okay most of the way through, until the main plot point mentioned on the back of the book actually happened (about 2/3 of the way through), at which point it all started to get a bit ridiculous. The ambiguous ending didn't really do it for me.

The holiday was nice. We (me, Adam, about 25 other people) stayed in a giant house and played games for a week. I mostly played mah jong or read my book, but this time I did play a bunch of other things too: Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror, Slash: Romance without Boundaries (which is not actually about slash specifically, but I suppose calling it "ship" would also be misleading), Innovation, Ascension... probably some other things.

Also when I went for a run on Thursday I saw a deer! So that was cool too.
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Wow, have I really not made an actual post in months? Gosh. I guess... nothing much has been happening? I am still just working from home and watching endless Arashi variety shows and dramas (as my tumblr will attest).

Although this week I actually did some things! On Wednesday I graduated from Imperial, which was nice. The ceremony was in the Royal Albert Hall and everything! It was pretty fun, although not many people I knew from the course were there. Oh well. It was nice, and Adam and my dad and I went out for lunch afterwards and I got to eat tempura chicken and prawn-stuffed lychees. Delicious.

And yesterday I went to Hatti and Dave's wedding! They are both people I know from my complexity student days. :D

So this has been a week of travelling about and staying in hotels, I guess! But next week I can go back to never leaving the house and proofreading things forever. Right now I have two quite large thesis-proofreading projects to work on, so that's good! :)

Sadly I missed Eurovision, but I hear it was a good one. Maybe I'll watch it on iPlayer at some point.
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Okay, so I subtitled the NazoDi movie in order to force [ profile] just_a_monkey to watch it with me and I thought I would share them in case there are other impatient people like me out there!

HOWEVER. The subs work fine for me if I use them with the DVD (video length 2:00:41) playing in Media Player Classic, but for some reason in VLC they go horribly out of sync and some lines don't appear at all and I have no idea why! :(
I haven't tried it with a video file other than the DVD so I don't know how the timings will be with anything else.

Thanks to [ profile] just_a_monkey for help with poker terminology and for explaining the Coen brothers joke to me!

Download from filecloud here or mediafire here! (Let me know if you need me to mirror it somewhere else.)

Some other minor warnings:

- I am quite bad at understanding spoken Japanese so these are translations of the Japanese subtitles on the DVD rather than of the audio, mostly. Actually, I even had to read the Japanese subtitles in some of the bits where the characters are speaking English before I could understand them, so... that happened.

- I have never fansubbed something before (although I have subtitled stuff for work and university coursework).

I understand that stormychu is also planning to release subs for this film some time soon, so if you can't get mine to work, I'm sure those will!

PS If you work out why VLC hates me (or what I have done to make it hate me) please let me know!

Edit 11 May: [ profile] farrasya kindly retimed the subtitles for the BluRay version (2:00:40). Thanks so much! Download from filecloud or mediafire.
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Sometimes I think I am subjecting Adam to too much fangirlism... but today he emailed me saying "we should have pizza for dinner because Mark Rosewater says it's his favourite food", so really he is just as fanly as I am.
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So January happened I guess? Mostly I am just translating and proofreading and watching Arashi videos or Star Trek depending on whether or not Adam is annoyed by Arashi yet that day.

(Oh, and watching dramas and films that the Arashi people are in. Kagi no Kagatta Heya (a detective show about locked room murders) is so good I might die of the lack of fic for it, and Yatterman (a film based on a superhero anime from the 70s) is ... well, the first time I watched it I was like "what is this weirdo nonsense" but I kind of can't stop watching it?)

Speaking of Star Trek, I am on the last season of TNG, sad times. But also I just watched episode 2x05 of DS9, which is the ... second episode with Garrack? and improved my opinion of Bashir by at least 100% as well as maintaining my love of the O'Brien family in general. It was so good! I suddenly feel super into DS9. I still think the magic space orbs plot is stupid but ... I feel like I am at last getting why Adam and Shaney like it so much? Well, there is a lot more Star Trek to go, so I'm glad I'm feeling hyped up about it again, despite its lack of Japanese boybandery.

I have a couple of books to write up but I'm still sort of annoyed by how terrible Far From the Madding Crowd was and how long it took me to read so I don't think I will do that now. (Also I am drunk so whatever.)


book stats

Jan. 6th, 2014 04:14 pm
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2008 stats: 57 books, Translated: 8. Nonfiction: 15. Female authors: 23.5. Rereads: 4. Authors with multiple works in my list: Isaac Asimov (4), Neil Gaiman (2), Terry Pratchett (3.5).

2009 stats: 54 books. Spanish: 2. Translated: 12 (one of these was translated to Spanish). Nonfiction: 7. Female: 23. Rereads: 3. Authors with multiple works: Margaret Atwood (2), Aldous Huxley (2), Haruki Murakami (2), Arthur Ransome (2), Stan Sakai (3), Ai Yazawa (6).

2010 stats: 38 books. Spanish: 3. Translated: 5 (one into Spanish). Nonfiction: 6. Female: 7. Rereads: 3. Multiple authors: Ai Yazawa (2), Arthur Conan Doyle (9!), Robin Hobb (2), Arthur Ransome (2).

2011 stats: 53 books. Spanish: 3. Translated: 20. Nonfiction: 12. Rereads: 6. Female: 31. Ebooks: 16. Multiple authors: Charles Stross (2), Haruki Murakami (2), Ishikawa Masayuki (2), Miu Kawasaki (4), Nagaru Tanigawa (2), Octavia Butler (3), Susan Coolidge (2), Terry Pratchett (2).

2012 stats: 50 books. Spanish: 4.5. Translated: 3. Nonfiction: 20. Rereads: 6.5 Female: 22. Ebooks: 33. Multiple authors: Enid Blyton (11), Terry Pratchett (2.5), China Mieville (2).

2013 stats: 66 books. Spanish: 4. Translated: 6. Nonfiction: 13. Rereads: 7 Female: 25. Ebooks: 45. Multiple authors: Isaac Asimov (5), Angela Brazil (2), Susan Coolidge (3), Robin Hobb (2), Jordan Mechner (2), Grant Naylor (2), Terry Pratchett (3), Saki (2), Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples (2)
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Happy New Year! I am back in Bristol after visiting my family and Adam's family for the holidays. Yay Bristol! But seeing everyone was nice too, of course. Today Adam is back at work and I ... could do work but don't technically need to do any until tomorrow. Instead I have to go clothes shopping, because I don't have any black trousers that aren't falling to bits. And I guess I need to restock the house with food and unpack some more stuff. Zzz.

Yesterday Adam drove us back from his mum's and on the way we picked up Shaney, and watched the new Sherlock (good times) and two more episodes of Star Trek (O'Brien: still the best).

I still haven't finished any of the three books I'm reading, so I think my total for 2013 is 66? I don't think I posted about the last two, though:

#65: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
#66: I Am Currency by Whitney L Grady
YA post-natural disaster dystopia set in Australia. For some reason, access to books is strictly limited by the government and information is the new currency. The main character is a boy with photographic memory who has illegally read a lot of books.

The plot is quite action-y and engaging, but the writing is patchy. The first few chapters with Quinn and Nevel running around the outback really dragged for me, and the endless descriptions of Quinn's hair were a bit creepy. Not bad, but I won't be seeking out the sequel.

I'll work out my stats for the year later.

As for last year's resolutions:

1) Read 50 books (I will try for at least 4 Spanish and 1 Portuguese this year, I think)
I read 66 books. I think 3 were Spanish, and one that I'm in the middle of is in Spanish too. I didn't read any in Portuguese, though.
2) Walk more.
Done? I even ran!
3) Do crosswords
Hmm... I did some but after I moved back in with Adam we stopped doing them, I guess.
4) Improve my Portuguese
A bit. But some way to go.
5) Don't fail my MSc

I'll count that as 4/5.

This year:
1) Read 50 books.
2) Keep running.
3) Improve my Portuguese and Japanese.
4) Continue freelancing and make enough money to live on!
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DS9 news: I still hate Bashir (but Garrak hasn't shown up again yet) but I love Quark and Odo and Jake and Nog.

Other fandom stuff: I was thinking I would have another Red Dwarf moment because there is a surprising quantity of Christmassy Red Dwarf fanfic, but... I have accidentally started watching Japanese variety shows and become obsessed with Arashi. Oh Japanese variety shows, I love you. And I love JE idols' dedication to fanservice. (I was all sure, I will totally look at these cute people while practicing my Japanese listening comprehension and enjoying some televisual shenanigans, and then uh ... yeah.)

Today I accidentally stressed myself out by not putting a job in the right part of my calendar. So to cheer myself up:
- that means I have less work to do tomorrow and over the weekend, yay!
- I finally got paid for the first month of proofreading jobs and now I am in positive money, even more yay! :D

Now I just have to deal with Christmas shopping and I can stop worrying about things for a bit.

What else? Orienteering is fun still, although now I am ill so I am avoiding going running in the rain. But on Saturday I went orienteering in Bath, which was awesome and went much better than previous occasions (although I still suck at finding things when they're just in the middle of a field with no landmarks) and on Monday I went to a score event - that is, you go to as many points as you can in a fixed time, rather than finding all the points in order - in my own neighbourhood in the dark. So that was good too.

And yesterday Adam and I were both ill so we made Shaney and Mickey and other Katy come over and eat Korean takeaway and watch Holy Musical B@man with us! Good times.
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My plan to watch all the Star Trek is continuing nicely. Yesterday we watched the TNG two parter "Chain of Command", so I now finally know why there are four lights.

Man that was a great episode. I was clutching either my face or a pillow the whole way through it. Patrick Stewart, you guys. STAR TREK. Watching all the Star Trek was definitely a good idea :D

And then we also watched the first episode of Deep Space Nine, which I believe is called Emissary. I think Adam enjoyed it more than me because a) I was falling asleep because it was already about 00:30 when we started it and b) every character he saw made him go "omg! that character! I love that character!" whereas the only character I already knew was O'Brien (obviously I love O'Brien though).

It seems pretty fun so far, although I am yet to understand why everyone apparently loves Bashir? Every time the guy who plays Bashir is in anything Adam has always gone "omg Bashir!!!" at it (and Shaney also does that), so I guess he must be good? But so far he seems like a mildly annoying idiot? Well, we will see I suppose. I'm not sure how I feel about "Star Trek: Quest for the Mystic Space Orbs" but I guess I can roll with that too.

Adam was annoyed that I didn't realise he is the same actor as plays King Minos in Atlantis, but whatever, he has a beard in that! How am I supposed to recognise him?

Incidentally, here are all the facts I know about DS9: at some point Sisko grows a beard. At some point Worf moves there. I have actually seen two episodes of DS9 before (that I can remember): the one where they go back in time to the original series episode about tribbles, and one where someone feels up Quark's ears in a creepy way.

Anyway. Star Trek! I like it. So far I super love TNG, but everyone I know apparently likes DS9 better, so I am looking forward to it! And there's still a season and a half of TNG left to go as well.


Other things! Hmm. This morning I went to a Spanish book club meeting, for the second of three meetings about this book "Un momento de descanso" by Antonio Orejudo. It's a weird book... one of the main characters is also called Antonio Orejudo, and he is an author who has written books with the same titles as the real Orejudo, but then also he has weird psychic powers and is trying to help his friend uncover a conspiracy? It's odd but interesting. And I definitely enjoy some absurdity in a book.

Tomorrow people are coming over to our flat to watch Twisted (the new StarKid thing), which should be fun too. And next weekend I have two different orienteering things and a Christmas dinner to go to. So I have definitely achieved my goal of becoming more sociable on my return to Bristol! :)
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I see that it has now been over a month since I posted a life update here. Sorry livejournal, I loved you but I just do not seem able to make time for you any more! Tumblr is so much easier. But it's not the same :(

Anyway! The real reason is that I have been super busy becoming a workaholic freelancer. One agency is giving me a ton of proofreading work (actually I do have to turn jobs down quite often) and I've had the occasional actual translation job too. Hopefully I will at some point get paid, but billing cycles mean I will probably not get any money until the end of December. I suppose I will have to keep using my savings and sponging off Adam at some point.

What else? I have seen Thor 2 (pretty fun) and the Doctor Who thing (great, and more so than I expected) and gone orienteering a few times. I haven't been reading a lot of books, sadly, but I've played a load of Crusader Kings 2 and I'm reading some giant Avatar fanfic that Shaney linked me to.

And this year I get to go to my parents for Christmas because Adam's mum is redecorating! (We will visit his parents around New Year instead, then.)

Okay, dinner is ready and I have to go out immediately after eating, so that will have to do for a life update, I guess!

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