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Okay, so I subtitled the NazoDi movie in order to force [ profile] just_a_monkey to watch it with me and I thought I would share them in case there are other impatient people like me out there!

HOWEVER. The subs work fine for me if I use them with the DVD (video length 2:00:41) playing in Media Player Classic, but for some reason in VLC they go horribly out of sync and some lines don't appear at all and I have no idea why! :(
I haven't tried it with a video file other than the DVD so I don't know how the timings will be with anything else.

Thanks to [ profile] just_a_monkey for help with poker terminology and for explaining the Coen brothers joke to me!

Download from filecloud here or mediafire here! (Let me know if you need me to mirror it somewhere else.)

Some other minor warnings:

- I am quite bad at understanding spoken Japanese so these are translations of the Japanese subtitles on the DVD rather than of the audio, mostly. Actually, I even had to read the Japanese subtitles in some of the bits where the characters are speaking English before I could understand them, so... that happened.

- I have never fansubbed something before (although I have subtitled stuff for work and university coursework).

I understand that stormychu is also planning to release subs for this film some time soon, so if you can't get mine to work, I'm sure those will!

PS If you work out why VLC hates me (or what I have done to make it hate me) please let me know!

Edit 11 May: [ profile] farrasya kindly retimed the subtitles for the BluRay version (2:00:40). Thanks so much! Download from filecloud or mediafire.
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