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First of all, I feel your lives would be enriched by a picture of the ninja turtles fighting a giant cuddly HIV (while Nanny Ogg looks on disapprovingly in the background):

(Although perhaps she is disapproving of my untidy house.)

Anyway, the rest of this post is a picspam of TMNT characters who look like the Shredder but aren't actually. Some of them look more like the Shredder than others. But I just saw an episode in which there were about eleven characters who looked like him, none of whom actually were, so I felt it had to be done.

So for the first three or so seasons of (the new version) of the Ninja Turtles cartoon the turtles are constantly fighting The Shredder, aka Oroku Saki, some guy who hates them for some reason. Except he isn't actually the Shredder, he's an alien.

He got his head cut off and he's still totally fine!

That is because he is only this tall. Ew, Utroms.

At one point he made some weird clones of himself for some reason:

I ... don't really see how that makes sense. But anyway, he got banished to an ice asteroid so it's probably totally fine now.

Then the Shredder returns, with a suspiciously feminine waistline!

This one is Karai, also not really the Shredder, but an orphan raised by Utrom Shredder.

For a while she controlled the Elementals, who are some creepy guys who look kind of like short, element-y versions of the Shredder, and who are trying to summon the Real Shredder!!! (but more of that later)

And of course there are some people trying to stop the Elementals:

The Ninja Tribunal! Augh.

The real Shredder that they are trying to summon is... a creepy demon, Tengu Shredder.

Who is actually the real Shredder! But the real Oroku Saki killed him and somehow got possessed by him at the same time:

So that is who the Utrom was pretending to be! It is all so clear. ... kind of.

Finally here are a couple more not-Shredder pictures:

A simulation of Utrom Shredder inside a computer owned by good Utroms.

Raph having a nightmare about being the Shredder.

Apparently there is also Cyber Shredder, but I'm not up to that episode yet.

In conclusion, yay screencaps. [Alternate conclusion: they've run out of costume ideas?]

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