Jan. 31st, 2014

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So January happened I guess? Mostly I am just translating and proofreading and watching Arashi videos or Star Trek depending on whether or not Adam is annoyed by Arashi yet that day.

(Oh, and watching dramas and films that the Arashi people are in. Kagi no Kagatta Heya (a detective show about locked room murders) is so good I might die of the lack of fic for it, and Yatterman (a film based on a superhero anime from the 70s) is ... well, the first time I watched it I was like "what is this weirdo nonsense" but I kind of can't stop watching it?)

Speaking of Star Trek, I am on the last season of TNG, sad times. But also I just watched episode 2x05 of DS9, which is the ... second episode with Garrack? and improved my opinion of Bashir by at least 100% as well as maintaining my love of the O'Brien family in general. It was so good! I suddenly feel super into DS9. I still think the magic space orbs plot is stupid but ... I feel like I am at last getting why Adam and Shaney like it so much? Well, there is a lot more Star Trek to go, so I'm glad I'm feeling hyped up about it again, despite its lack of Japanese boybandery.

I have a couple of books to write up but I'm still sort of annoyed by how terrible Far From the Madding Crowd was and how long it took me to read so I don't think I will do that now. (Also I am drunk so whatever.)


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