Jan. 2nd, 2014

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Happy New Year! I am back in Bristol after visiting my family and Adam's family for the holidays. Yay Bristol! But seeing everyone was nice too, of course. Today Adam is back at work and I ... could do work but don't technically need to do any until tomorrow. Instead I have to go clothes shopping, because I don't have any black trousers that aren't falling to bits. And I guess I need to restock the house with food and unpack some more stuff. Zzz.

Yesterday Adam drove us back from his mum's and on the way we picked up Shaney, and watched the new Sherlock (good times) and two more episodes of Star Trek (O'Brien: still the best).

I still haven't finished any of the three books I'm reading, so I think my total for 2013 is 66? I don't think I posted about the last two, though:

#65: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
#66: I Am Currency by Whitney L Grady
YA post-natural disaster dystopia set in Australia. For some reason, access to books is strictly limited by the government and information is the new currency. The main character is a boy with photographic memory who has illegally read a lot of books.

The plot is quite action-y and engaging, but the writing is patchy. The first few chapters with Quinn and Nevel running around the outback really dragged for me, and the endless descriptions of Quinn's hair were a bit creepy. Not bad, but I won't be seeking out the sequel.

I'll work out my stats for the year later.

As for last year's resolutions:

1) Read 50 books (I will try for at least 4 Spanish and 1 Portuguese this year, I think)
I read 66 books. I think 3 were Spanish, and one that I'm in the middle of is in Spanish too. I didn't read any in Portuguese, though.
2) Walk more.
Done? I even ran!
3) Do crosswords
Hmm... I did some but after I moved back in with Adam we stopped doing them, I guess.
4) Improve my Portuguese
A bit. But some way to go.
5) Don't fail my MSc

I'll count that as 4/5.

This year:
1) Read 50 books.
2) Keep running.
3) Improve my Portuguese and Japanese.
4) Continue freelancing and make enough money to live on!

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