Dec. 7th, 2013

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My plan to watch all the Star Trek is continuing nicely. Yesterday we watched the TNG two parter "Chain of Command", so I now finally know why there are four lights.

Man that was a great episode. I was clutching either my face or a pillow the whole way through it. Patrick Stewart, you guys. STAR TREK. Watching all the Star Trek was definitely a good idea :D

And then we also watched the first episode of Deep Space Nine, which I believe is called Emissary. I think Adam enjoyed it more than me because a) I was falling asleep because it was already about 00:30 when we started it and b) every character he saw made him go "omg! that character! I love that character!" whereas the only character I already knew was O'Brien (obviously I love O'Brien though).

It seems pretty fun so far, although I am yet to understand why everyone apparently loves Bashir? Every time the guy who plays Bashir is in anything Adam has always gone "omg Bashir!!!" at it (and Shaney also does that), so I guess he must be good? But so far he seems like a mildly annoying idiot? Well, we will see I suppose. I'm not sure how I feel about "Star Trek: Quest for the Mystic Space Orbs" but I guess I can roll with that too.

Adam was annoyed that I didn't realise he is the same actor as plays King Minos in Atlantis, but whatever, he has a beard in that! How am I supposed to recognise him?

Incidentally, here are all the facts I know about DS9: at some point Sisko grows a beard. At some point Worf moves there. I have actually seen two episodes of DS9 before (that I can remember): the one where they go back in time to the original series episode about tribbles, and one where someone feels up Quark's ears in a creepy way.

Anyway. Star Trek! I like it. So far I super love TNG, but everyone I know apparently likes DS9 better, so I am looking forward to it! And there's still a season and a half of TNG left to go as well.


Other things! Hmm. This morning I went to a Spanish book club meeting, for the second of three meetings about this book "Un momento de descanso" by Antonio Orejudo. It's a weird book... one of the main characters is also called Antonio Orejudo, and he is an author who has written books with the same titles as the real Orejudo, but then also he has weird psychic powers and is trying to help his friend uncover a conspiracy? It's odd but interesting. And I definitely enjoy some absurdity in a book.

Tomorrow people are coming over to our flat to watch Twisted (the new StarKid thing), which should be fun too. And next weekend I have two different orienteering things and a Christmas dinner to go to. So I have definitely achieved my goal of becoming more sociable on my return to Bristol! :)

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