Nov. 29th, 2013

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I see that it has now been over a month since I posted a life update here. Sorry livejournal, I loved you but I just do not seem able to make time for you any more! Tumblr is so much easier. But it's not the same :(

Anyway! The real reason is that I have been super busy becoming a workaholic freelancer. One agency is giving me a ton of proofreading work (actually I do have to turn jobs down quite often) and I've had the occasional actual translation job too. Hopefully I will at some point get paid, but billing cycles mean I will probably not get any money until the end of December. I suppose I will have to keep using my savings and sponging off Adam at some point.

What else? I have seen Thor 2 (pretty fun) and the Doctor Who thing (great, and more so than I expected) and gone orienteering a few times. I haven't been reading a lot of books, sadly, but I've played a load of Crusader Kings 2 and I'm reading some giant Avatar fanfic that Shaney linked me to.

And this year I get to go to my parents for Christmas because Adam's mum is redecorating! (We will visit his parents around New Year instead, then.)

Okay, dinner is ready and I have to go out immediately after eating, so that will have to do for a life update, I guess!

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