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[ profile] just_a_monkey, [ profile] enigma_o and I went to Disneyland Paris last weekend (well, from Thursday evening). Friday was the first day of their Christmas season, and when I went into town yesterday everything was decorated for Christmas too, so I'm already feeling very festive even though it's only November 18. We even put up our tree already :D

I don't really like rollercoasters, but I do like Disney. Even while just hanging out waiting for the others to ride Space Mountain, it's pretty fun just to be in the parks. But it was super cold.

We managed to coincidentally finish riding stuff just in time to see every parade, too. Duffy was even in one of the parades (I was excited). Also, they have machines on the roofs of Main Street spitting out soap flakes to make it look like it's snowing... it was actually pretty convincing until you saw it land in someone's hair and turn into bubbles! And it was my first time seeing them project animations onto the castle, which was really cool, especially in combination with the fireworks and fountains.

I also bought a lot of unnecessary junk (tsumtsums, Lego, grey tops with pictures of Mickey on them).

Thanks for cheering me up, Disney! Peace on Earth etc., it's a small world after all. :) 

ETA: I just realised my lj profile still says I'm a student! Hilarious.
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