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As predicted in my last post, I have now been on holiday to Spain and also moved house! \o/

I went to Barcelona with my mum and also went to a translators' and editors' conference in Tarragona. It was really nice, although I didn't manage to use much Spanish - even apart from it being Catalonia, my English-looking face means no one even bothers to try Spanish on me, and if I speak Spanish they just stare at me blankly until I speak English. Oh well. After my upcoming Japanese exam, I intend to focus on improving my non-medical Spanish (and my medical English, I suppose).

On the other hand, today in Bristol I spoke Spanish to some lost people trying to get to the airport and they complemented my Spanish. Hooray!

Anyway, Barcelona was great. I last went there in 2008, and although I'd been to a few of the places we visited before, it was still fun. I will look at a Gaudi museum for as long as you like (as long as there are places to sit, I guess. Museum-speed walking really hurts my back, for some reason?) and the Sagrada Familia has had its stained glass windows put in since my last visit. So that was awesome.

Also, we ate a ton of seafood! Adam can't eat it, so I don't eat a lot of seafood usually, but Mum really loves the stuff. A friend recommended a seafood place that was just down the road from our hotel (La Paradeta) that looks like a fishmonger when you walk in - you point at the raw fish/live crustacean you want to eat and they cook it for you right there. Delicious. (A photo.) And I got my mum to try and enjoy both octopus and morcilla, so I count that as a victory.

The conference was really good too. As with last year's, it was a good chance to remotivate myself to study more, be more professional and proactive and maybe expand into editing work as well. Also I realised that I achieved the goals I set myself after last year's conference (get more clients, start using corpora), so go me!

Mum stayed in Barcelona by herself while I was at the conference and then we came home a few days later, so she went to a Picasso museum and the National Museum of Catalan Art and so on without me, and to one Gaudi place that I'd seen before. Apparently she kept wanting to make comments to Dad. He would so have loved Barcelona! He would probably still be in the first Gaudi museum we went to, reading every single label on everything.

Also, despite the dire warnings of everyone I spoke to before going, neither of us had anything pickpocketed whatsoever. So there's that.

While I was on holiday, my beloved husband moved all of our stuff to our new house and had the old flat cleaned! How great. I've only been here a few days and I feel quite at home already.

A few minor problems... the first time I tried to leave the house, my key snapped off in the lock of the front door, so I had to sit in the hall with the front door open until a locksmith could come and change the lock. Oops. Also the boiler is acting a bit weird, but we're sorting that out too. Today it took me a thousand years to get home on the bus, but I'm sure I'll work it out soon enough. We're in the city still but it's a really quiet neighbourhood, our living room doesn't share a wall with any other building so we can watch tv at night... it's all good, I think!

My sister and her boyfriend also bought a house, two days after we did. It's almost like we're grown-ups or something.

Things are good. And tomorrow I have nothing to do except Japanese homework and catching up on Arashi videos from while I was away. (And maybe unpacking. Maybe.)
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