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I feel very productive today... even though I am just sitting on the sofa listening to a podcast right now. But I already went to the supermarket, took three bags of books to the charity shop and helped the meter reader guy find the meters for this building. Go me!

We finally managed to exchange contracts for our house purchase, so I'm trying to get rid of some stuff before the move. Actually, the moving part is going to happen while I'm on holiday, so I have only packed my to-read pile (with doujinshi strategically hidden inside) because I don't want to mix up read and unread books. But yeah! Soon we will live in our own house! I won't have to share a building with people who steal my bins and wake me up with loud music! No landlord will come over and tell me to clean the hobs! Amazing.

This morning at 8 am the upstairs neighbours listened to Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Girl from Ipanema at an unreasonable volume >:( Not that I dislike those songs, but why is it so loud :(

And yeah! Holiday. I'm going to Barcelona with my mum, which should be fun. I don't really have any plans about what to see or do other than vaguely "look at all the Gaudi stuff", which is pretty much what I did in 2008 anyway. Mum has never been there and also that was a long time ago, so I am definitely ready to look at the same Gaudi stuff again, but we're there for a while so I guess we will need to do some other things to, haha.

I've never been on holiday with just my mum before, I don't think? So that might be weird. I'm running away for three days in the middle to go to a conference, too, so it's a bit of an odd trip. But I'm looking forward to it :)

I only hope no amazing Arashi news breaks while I'm away! I'm already going to miss babanuki and this and probably lots of other things too... oh well. I still can't decide whether to bring my laptop with me. I don't want to carry it but I don't want to not have my laptop for almost two weeks! My life is so hard.
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