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Hello world. How are things?

I am now in revision mode for the JLPT N2 exam this December (although my revision plan includes not revising while I'm on holiday in Spain, of course) and I definitely have to thank Arashi for teaching me many N2 grammar points (~に決まっている springs to mind) and for improving my listening comprehension skills a whole lot. Fansubbing... so educational. Maybe my ability to understand Japanese fish puns will not be useful in the exam, though.

It's my first time taking the exam in Cardiff instead of London, and they asked me to email them two identical photos of myself for ID. What? Why? Can't you just use the same file twice? I don't understand.

This weekend was a good one. On Friday evening I went with Adam and Shaney to see Star Trek: First Contact at the planetarium, followed by a recording of the Cosmic Shed podcast. Both parts were good! I hadn't seen that film before, either. I'm trying to watch all the Star Trek in order still, so after we booked tickets for this we ended up having to average one episode of Voyager per day to finish season 2 in time.

I'm quite enjoying Voyager, I guess? It seems to be unpopular, and there have been some bad episodes (mainly episodes with the plot "Neelix is a possessive creep" or "Chakotay does some fake Native American-style nonsense"), but no more so than the early seasons of TNG, I don't think. Next we are back to watching some DS9, though.

Also this weekend... we got our mortgage paperwork at last, Katy came over and we watched more Papadol and I made her watch the "Jun hates coriander" thing, and on Sunday I translated a whole episode of Shiyagare. Productive! At least by some measures. Well, also I did some work and some JLPT revision, so no problem.

After the exam I'm supposed to ("supposed to" according to my own brain) study human biology for a while for work reasons, but I really want to learn Romanian right now instead. I don't know why I keep procrastinating studying with other studying? Could I not do some procrastination that does not use my brain, such as playing video games or cleaning my house?
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