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The cartoon part at the beginning is so cute! :D I would watch this anime. Rakugo Jun was pretty hilarious too.

TROUBLEMAKER. The whole first part of it I was just like "do the new thing!!! when are they doing the thing!?!?!" And then they did and it was 10x cuter than I expected ♥♥♥♥ Also bullying Ohno, I loved it. SO CUTE.

They all look great in these first gold costumes too, especially without the top jacket part. But I keep getting distracted thinking about them all on their ramen training diet, lol. (Also lol Sho's one glove.)

Spotted Nino singing the instrumental in Ai wo Sakabe already! :D I love that.

My eternal opinon: concert Jun is best Jun. Also concert Ohno is best Ohno.

I didn't really like the song MUSIC on the album, but it works really well with the tapdancing game thing. Nino tapdancing is the actual cutest. NINO ♥ YOU ARE UNNECESSARILY CUTE, STOP THIS. He even sang along to his own... weird foot noises during the intro part? Amazing. And the squeaky feet part at the end, hahaha. :D

Jun sort of looks like he wants to murder me while singing "don't you love me". Is this song about murders? Why is he fighting his own arm though? What is happening??? I'm confused but the parkour stuff is awesome.

I don't love the blue costumes but the hats are good. And Nino looks so tiny in Masquerade. Well, he's short and further back than the others but when it's just shot from the front with them all at the mics he looks tiny! And now they all have hat hair, I love it. Jun's hair is hilarious. I really have to look up the lyrics to this one - I keep catching bits and being like "mermaid?" "glass shoes?" What is this song about? I like it but as with all songs in all languages I have no idea of the words. (In "Happiness" I always think "zenbu kanjiru" is "senpuuki" something.)

Juntoshi's baseball nonsense during Guts was funny but I do not ship it still, Jun >:((( Also I will never not remember Nino singing that one line really out of tune in Miyagi (?). Sorry Nino.

Jun and Nino both sang along to the do-wops in Ai wo Sakebe.

Oh it did the freeze thing everyone was talking about :O At least I didn't get an unplayable BD.

Jun is so happy he didn't injure himself in parkour, haha. Good work, Jun.
I already saw this part on tumblr but lol the backflip discussion. It's not that they can't do it... they don't do it. lol. "If you're asking whether I can or can't do it, I can't. If you're asking whether I did or didn't do it, I did." ?? I hope someone subs the MCs soon.

I need to watch Haha to kuraseba soon.

lol Aiba's uchiwa complaints. Show me your veins? Really?

Even though Johnny's seems like a weird and terrible employer sometimes, it's nice seeing them so happy about hanging out with other Johnny's and ex-Juniors. :) And tiny bug Matsujun, aw.

Ohmiya flips ♥♥♥♥ Their looks of concentration right before it was great. Hahaha, I forgot the issun boushi rap was coming :D I really like this song (Nihon Yoitoko Makafushigi). I know nothing about Higashiyama but I'm enjoying their fanboying. Sho is just like :O the whole time and Jun looks so pleased with himself and his concert master powers.

As a newish fan I don't really have nostalgia feels about Arashi, but watching them sing ballady songs in front of a montage of photos from their past together is unbearable ;_; Arashi being their own biggest fans is so cute to me.

Tapdancing > drums but Rolling Days >>>> everything. Sho's voice ♥_♥ Sho you attractive jerk, this is all your fault!

MR FUNK!!! Aiba please don't fall off the ropes and die. It's no Disco Star but it's still awesome. I love the on stage costume change. The rope thing is so cool :O

I was like "how are the audience all dancing so in sync" but there's a cartoon robot with a disco ball head on the screens showing them the moves for Funky? Great. (Well, probably a lot of people just know it too, but I have no memory for such things.) Also Aiba's hat is amazing.

lol I forgot the existence of Bolero somehow, but it's really fun. Hahaha, their terrible dancing. And also Jun calling Nino "Kaz", I am always here for that. What a great Kaz and J moment XD

Ohno's mask thing at last - Cool. It's pretty clever. Ohno's solos are always just on another level too ♥

So my solo ranking is N>O>A>S=J, I guess.

Japonesque is really pretty.

Ah the choreo for Kokoro no Sora is really so cool. I love the whole thing. They all look so awesome.

And then the parade of indistinguishable juniors... sorry bbs, there are too many of you for me to remember.

Ohmiya waving at each other ♥ adorbs

I know this lyric is "we're always waiting" but it sounds like "we're always spinning" which is a much funnier image. They all always seem so hyped when they do Believe and it's great :D

My brain is too tired to understand the closing MC so I will have to rewatch it later.

Oh, more of the cartoon! I still like how it looks. And at the end they're all making serious emotional faces but Nino is just going :3 as usual, lol. (I don't remember the name of this song but it's the "last" one before encores.

Aw the timer thing was actually really sweet. The houndstooth encore outfits are cute but I do kind of miss the tshirts look of previous concerts. But these are super cute too! I'm conflicted! Well, I guess they are wearing Japonism tshirts under the waistcoat parts.

Sakumiya messing around in Love so Sweet was great :D Lol especially warming up their shoulders for air punches. And Ohno did the fishing motion to a fan for the billionth time this concert.

Even the official DVD subs don't know what Sho says at the start of A.RA.SHI. And more Sakumiya nonsense! :D I love it.

Sho doing the Disco Star wave and Ohno somehow getting confetti in his own mouth at the end :D :D What enormous dorks they all are ♥

"What is an 'encore'?" lol Sho. Lol everything. No... no we're totally not doing an encore... what even is that? Hahaha.

In conclusion, it was super cute and I definitely need to rewatch it asap. But also I want to rewatch Digitalian! 
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