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Here is a list of all the puns/wordplay I spotted in the 2010.10.14 episode of VS Arashi, some of which were more translatable* than others. They are mostly Sanma's fault, although Kosugi is not blameless either. (Dear [ profile] ihsarafes, sorry for the many emails I sent you whining about this.)

Most of them are about how Kosugi is losing his hair or how Sanma's teeth stick out.

- Nino says “sou iu koto” (it’s that sort of thing) and Sanma says it should be “shouyuu koto” (it’s soy sauce). Apparently this is a reference to a running gag that started on the 2008 FNS 27 Hour TV special.

- The narrator says “deha mairimasu” (then let’s begin) and Sanma thinks he said “deba” (overbite).

- Sanma says he should have known Matsumoto Jun would pick 1 and 4 because of the existence of Matsumoto Iyo, because 1 can be pronounced “i" and 4 as “yo” (see here).

- Sanma says there are “kei 4hon” games (4 games in total). Kosugi thinks he said “ke 4hon” (4 hairs). Also they think “Kei Yonhon” sounds like a Korean name.

- Sanma tells Sho off for “kenashi”, speaking ill of Kosugi. But “kenashi” sounds the same as “ke nashi” (no hair), so Kosugi is offended again.

- Yoshida then tells Kosugi that he really shines when people making fun of his head, which miraculously makes sense in both languages! (His punning ability shines and also his bald head shines! HA.)

- Sanma refers to himself as the Chopper (from One Piece) of his team, then realises that this also sounds sort of like “Deppa” (another word for overbite).

- Kosugi says he’s from Katsura in Kyoto. Katsura also means wig, but has a different kanji (the place name 桂 = a type of tree, 鬘 = wig).

- Sanma says “kega nai” (no injuries) and Kosugi thinks he said “ke ga nai” (no hair).

- Jun wonders if it’s possible to climb the wall with only 6 grips (grippu rokko). Sanma replies that of course it’s possible because that’s why it’s called “rokko” climbing. (Actually the word for rock is "rokku".)

This episode is great and Sanma is actually very funny, but he's not very friendly to translators, so next time I go to Japan I will track him down and fight him.

* If you need to know how to find the subbed episode, message me/send me an email.

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