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Wow, have I really not made an actual post in months? Gosh. I guess... nothing much has been happening? I am still just working from home and watching endless Arashi variety shows and dramas (as my tumblr will attest).

Although this week I actually did some things! On Wednesday I graduated from Imperial, which was nice. The ceremony was in the Royal Albert Hall and everything! It was pretty fun, although not many people I knew from the course were there. Oh well. It was nice, and Adam and my dad and I went out for lunch afterwards and I got to eat tempura chicken and prawn-stuffed lychees. Delicious.

And yesterday I went to Hatti and Dave's wedding! They are both people I know from my complexity student days. :D

So this has been a week of travelling about and staying in hotels, I guess! But next week I can go back to never leaving the house and proofreading things forever. Right now I have two quite large thesis-proofreading projects to work on, so that's good! :)

Sadly I missed Eurovision, but I hear it was a good one. Maybe I'll watch it on iPlayer at some point.
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