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DS9 news: I still hate Bashir (but Garrak hasn't shown up again yet) but I love Quark and Odo and Jake and Nog.

Other fandom stuff: I was thinking I would have another Red Dwarf moment because there is a surprising quantity of Christmassy Red Dwarf fanfic, but... I have accidentally started watching Japanese variety shows and become obsessed with Arashi. Oh Japanese variety shows, I love you. And I love JE idols' dedication to fanservice. (I was all sure, I will totally look at these cute people while practicing my Japanese listening comprehension and enjoying some televisual shenanigans, and then uh ... yeah.)

Today I accidentally stressed myself out by not putting a job in the right part of my calendar. So to cheer myself up:
- that means I have less work to do tomorrow and over the weekend, yay!
- I finally got paid for the first month of proofreading jobs and now I am in positive money, even more yay! :D

Now I just have to deal with Christmas shopping and I can stop worrying about things for a bit.

What else? Orienteering is fun still, although now I am ill so I am avoiding going running in the rain. But on Saturday I went orienteering in Bath, which was awesome and went much better than previous occasions (although I still suck at finding things when they're just in the middle of a field with no landmarks) and on Monday I went to a score event - that is, you go to as many points as you can in a fixed time, rather than finding all the points in order - in my own neighbourhood in the dark. So that was good too.

And yesterday Adam and I were both ill so we made Shaney and Mickey and other Katy come over and eat Korean takeaway and watch Holy Musical B@man with us! Good times.

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